Anything shiny and new seems hard to start. I think back to school and getting a new notebook, I’d make all these promises to myself about formatting, neatness, always using the same pen… Inevitably you make a spelling mistake and it’s all rather liberating after that. So I’m just going to dive in and welcome the first spelling mistakes.

A self-portrait seems to be a good way to introduce myself. This is me. 32 weeks pregnant. I’m 35 weeks now, because despite the above paragraph I still procrastinated. I have everything and nothing to say. I’ll throw in the basics; mother of two children, wife, photographer with a dance background and Essex girl. Second tier information includes; extremely interested in everything related to feminism and women’s topics especially motherhood, a colour white obsessive, fitness enthusiast, ridiculously casual swearer, caffeine addict and I have a lot of ambition, I just don’t really know what I want to do with it when I grow up.

My husband took these with a smidge of creative direction… I edited them and I’d like to tell you I haven’t touched anything up but there was a glaring VPL on the bottom image that had to go… 😉










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