Baby Maizie

Chances are your following this over from my Facebook page or my last blog or Instagram, so you’ll already know what I do… But if you’ve come from another web space, this is “what I do”. I photograph newborn babies. Digitally, with natural light and on lots and lots of white. White because for me it’s all about baby. Miraculous, beautiful babies. All their brilliant details, especially their eye lashes, pursed sleeping lips and velvet heads. How they curl and crave for the womb and how every single one is different.

I love this job. I really do. I see it as a real honour. These families come to me in their most wonderful, most chaotic and most sometimes most terrifying times. It’s a tiring time of self-doubt and transition and they’ve chosen me to help them stop the crazy baby train for a couple of short hours to capture what we can of it. I hear fertility stories, family stories, birth stories and first baby days stories. It’s precious and every single time I am humbled and grateful to share in it.

This one particular miracle is baby Maizie…


If you would like to know more about my newborn portraiture work in and around Essex please visit my website.

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