Windows to Motherhood #1 Sophie

This was a series and I started last year because I want to start exploring the lives of mothers. I wanted to do it because I find mothers and motherhood completely fascinating. Their journey, their strength, their weakness, their energy, their heart, their guilt, their pain, their bodies. There’s so much that sets mothers apart and so much that unites them as one and the same. Also I wanted the photography medium to match the ethos of the project. So this series is shot on 35mm film, unposed and unedited (save the odd crop).
I’m resharing this series one at a time from the start so when I pick it up again you can see the progression…
So here’s my first mother; Sophie on 35mm.
“I became a Mum with Ruby 7yrs ago wasn’t the best feeling in the world as I wasn’t on good terms with her father, I also suffered from pre eclampsia so was a very long and traumatic time for me bringing her into the world, we are lucky we both survived. But once that was over it was the most wonderful experience ever holding my baby girl to think that is women can grow a human being.”


“I work part time for a company called Carillionamey  but I am currently on maternity leave until June so I am a stay at home mum at the moment which I am enjoying.”ca110216001926-12

“I’m fun, outgoing, laid back, my children are very well looked after they always come first before anything or anyone. I love playing children’s games and going to the park.”ca110216001926-19

“I really hate my body at the moment as I did put in a lot of weight with my second child and havnt lost it yet (has only been 3months tho) but I have started boot camp so hopefully be fit and toned in no time! I have a few stretch marks but they don’t bother me at all I call them my tiger marks.” 


“I had a Ruby when I was 21 so I grew up very quickly I had to I was a mum, all my friends were going out clubbing I was staying in feeding and rocking my baby. Best feeling in the world.”


I think it’s the best experience in the world growing a human being inside your body feeling it move is out of this world amazing. I delivered my second baby on my own in my bathroom at home which was very scary but also a beautiful experience sitting there looking at my beautiful girl who’s staring back at me.”


“I just want the best for my children aslong as there happy I’m happy! I am very close to my 7 yr old she is my very own mini me and I’m sure it will be the same with my second we are the three musketeers.”

Thank you Sophie xxx

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