Minutes of Nothing

Just keep swimming snapping.

Now I know why the Hindu God Parvati is depicted with five pairs of arms. If I had five pairs of arms I’d easily be referred to as “the divine mother”. As luck would have it I’m a mere mortal with one pair of arms and happy to be referred to as “the ok mother” or “the mother who has not lost a child yet”.
Some moments I feel like I’m being crushed by the volume of care I need to dish out on a daily basis. That to-do-list that just grows. I realise now the goal isn’t to finish the to-do-list, the goal is to put out fires as they spark and be at peace with the existence of an eternal to-do-list. Know when to tick something off, know when to not tick something off and do something entirely for yourself instead so you will live another day with said to-do-list.
Sometimes that something entirely for myself is as small as a little standstill and a big deep breath. There really are few things in life that can’t wait a minute. Babies and children seem to be designed to make you believe otherwise. But it’s true, disaster will very, very rarely strike if you just stop for a minute.
Sometimes when I take those big deep breathes my camera is hanging around close by and those moments can look like this…


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