Woodland Maternity Session with the van de Poels…

It seems appropriate to finally get around to sharing some of these seeing as I am mid email discussion with the pictured expectant mother who is now in a much less expectant to arrange their newborn portrait session. Hooray for wonderful new life and those precious early newborn days going on for these guys right at this minute!

So this was my first session post baby. I thought I’d feel different after having done it and I did. It’s another toe out of the baby bubble, not that we’re any less living life with a baby but life isn’t being lived for the baby quite so exclusively. And in a way this is good for me, I spend too much time worrying about time passing when I’m totally immersed in the baby bubble. (See last post.) So a toe out of the bubble breathes some fresh air to all of me… Life will go on after babies, even if a big part of me wants it all to freeze for all time in a big baby drunk, pyjama wearing, snuggle fest.

Anyway, if I did get to freeze it all we wouldn’t get to be excited for all the babies to come, like this one… Here’s the van de Poels waiting on baby… <3 <3 <3

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