An East London Wedding

I met Jess 12 years ago in Uganda. It was a few weeks before my 21st birthday and I’d flown out to spend the summer doing some volunteering. We were both young and I was suitably ungraceful for a 20 year old Essex girl; I talked too much, thought too little and laughed too hard at my own inappropriate jokes. Jess was none of these things, a lady at 19; elegant, thoughtful and hell of a beauty. There’s a 12 year long story of friendship I could insert here. The abridged version is nothing’s changed and I love this lady. I love her (was schoolboy boyfriend who had the very good sense to hang around, so now) husband. They love my children (which elevates any friend to sainthood for me). So, photograph their wedding? YES PLEASE.

And here it is. Every inch East London funkiness with a sprinkling of West Country loveliness. Thoroughly them. Relaxed, thoughtful, colourful, elegant and really bloody good fun.


If you would like more information in weddings by me check out my website.

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