Orlee is One

It’s a week past her birthday and I still don’t know how to put in to words the impact this one has had on our lives and family. Of course all babies are a multitude of reason to be thankful and blessed and so it’s hard to start without resorting to cliches. So I can’t figure out if none of the cliches cut it or if all of them are required. Well if I’m going to throw some very inauthentic (and very sincere) words about our Orlee Bea at you, I’ll accompany them with some very inauthentic photographs. Because you can’t get precious about every photograph, even when you’re a photographer, some pictures you’ve got to take to have and some cliches have just got to be said…

From day 1 it was like you were always meant to be here with us.

We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to have you.

You grew and changed so quickly it’s been hard to keep up.

Your brother and sister have been besotted with you.

You’ve brought us joy every single day.

Such a happy little thing… “Yes she is always like this!” we tell supermarket enquirers.

And “no she’s not sleeping through… but she’s so content during the day I don’t really mind.”

You’ve been such a clever girl too, ticking off milestone after milestone and making it all look easy.

We’ve tried so so hard to make the most of it…

But the days, weeks and months just seemed to fly by.

You’ve become such a big girl, getting a real character now!

We can’t express how grateful we are. (Number 3 always felt like we were pushing our luck…)

And it’s just gone so SO fast.

They say that a cliche becomes a cliche when a phrase is over used so it loses it’s sincerity. To everyone that is bar the user. Just like cliches about babies, we’ve heard them all a million times but oh how those words ring around your heart when they’re about yours. Just like these silly old milestone cards… OH! How these snaps make my Mummy heart melt.    

Happy First Birthday Orlee Borlee xxx

(One last cliche for luck… Stop growing now please.)



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