Well 2017… You were everything I hoped and more. I’m a big New Years goal setter and on my list for my photography were two main goals; to recover from maternity leave and up my wedding game. I’ve had some woe begotten friends this year, socialising hasn’t been able to rank all that highly… But as with these phases of a busy life “the ones who matter don’t mind”.

Mostly I am thankful. A year in health and happiness is a blessing. So it doesn’t escape me that these wonderful opportunities to work at what I love and the fabulous people the work brings are beyond what I could ask for. In my photography I find I look for lighter than light, high key and white… Everything is subjective so maybe this voices me as something of an optimist. Looking for the brighter side? I don’t know, but sat here with a glass of red and a happy heart looking at these, that is how I feel. A bit of a soppy and grateful optimist. 2017 went well.

Thank you all. These are no small moments of your lives and you picked me and I really did do my bloody best. I really could not of done it without you.

Happy New Year xoxo




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