A Nostalgic Wedding at Parklands, Essex…

This was always going to be a special one for me… Why? Well, because 7 years ago it’s where I got married!! I haven’t been back since we left the morning after. My hair was still industrially moulded in to it’s up do with a million kirby grips, I was wearing jogging bottoms and a “THE NEW MRS ALEXANDER” t-shirt. My head was in the clouds and whole body physically buzzing from the endless dancing the night before. We bounced from one hug to another from our nearest and dearest and bundled in to Steve’s uncle Gordon’s car. Stuffing bags of cards, presents, shoes, suits, dresses, wheat themed centre pieces and wilted flowers in to every square inch and my bridesmaid Gemma sat on my lap. For every scrutinised element of planning for every second of the big day… Not one of us thought about how we’d get home afterwards!

So here I am again, at Quendon Hall, Parklands, with Laura and Harry and the experience did nothing but confirm to me that: AWESOME WEDDINGS HAPPEN HERE. The venue looks seriously fantastic, so throw in a Bride and Groom that really know how to throw a party and you’ve got wedding heaven. No one laughs harder than this fabulously, fun pair.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Walker. May the laughs keep coming and coming and coming…Β 



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