Baby Rafaela At Home

The best decision I ever made business wise was the decision to be myself creatively. Shoot how I like, what I like and edit how I like. Basically please myself and make images I love. I make the last question I ask myself in any creative conundrum “do I like it?”

The reason why it’s the best decision I ever  made business wise is the moment I made the decision to shoot like that… I basically attracted clients I adored. My clients became “my peeps”. So more and more I get people who like what I do and so like what I like and we find each other through whatever means and end up making more work we like for each other. Few sessions and few families prove this to me more perfectly than Rafaela and her pleased-as-punch new parents (and pooch) below.

Possibly my favourite “At Home With Baby” session to date… All the blue-y, cream-y, green-y whites, with those pops of red and dark, fluttery eyelashes all round. Beauts.



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