Firstsite At Easter

So school Holidays… Every time there’s one I circulate through the same three islands of thought. They’re all true to me but none of them live harmoniously together. They include:

1) It’s great for my children that I work, I am a better Mum for the creative and purposeful outlet it gives me, the money is “needed” by the household and I’m a good example whilst doing it.
2) CARPE DIEM! These guys will only be young once, there’s only so many school holidays in a childhood and I am going to make the most it! (Pictures elderly me, staring longingly at the phone waiting for calls from children who are too busy travelling, working or making their own babies and rueing any wasted day when I was their everything. That scene encompasses everything I want and everything I fear.)
3) Let’s just chill out. I’ve got “bits” to do and it’s not good for them to constantly be on the go. They’re so busy during term time, here kids take your iPads, stay in your jim jams and bed in for the day.
At any one time during the school holidays I can only be living to one train of thought. Generally I’m doing it alone whilst the other half of this parenting unit is living the London grind (poor/lucky bugger, delete as appropriate). So here I am working/carpe-dieming/chilling out and spending most of it thinking about how I’ve prioritised wrong and should be doing something I am not.
This isn’t new. So is the vast majority of my mothering sisterhood past, present and future. Juggling, guilt-tripping, smiling, screaming and multi-multi-tasking our way through the “holidays”. And I’ll be honest… With the British weather really doing a number on us for the entire two weeks carpe-dieming wasn’t the easiest or the most enjoyable. But amongst the three million arguments about healthier snacks, tidying toys, taking turns or putting on shoes we found little gems of time. Like this… You can see I lost arguments about healthier snacks and playing games on my phone whilst I finish my coffee… I didn’t say it was perfect but it was lovely.
An Easter Holiday Friday at Firstsite powered by crisps and hot chocolate…





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