Oyster Shells and Hut Horizons

THIS HEAT THOUGH?! Oh I am BUILT for it! You can quote Alfred Wainwright (“No such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”) to me all day long and you’d be half right but you will never convince me that this sunshine doesn’t just inspire you to, quite simply, live a better life.

Oh it’s nice, I’ll walk there…
Oh it’s nice, let’s sit outside…
Oh it’s nice, we could fit in a quick trip to the park…
Oh it’s nice, I’ll get them in the garden…
Oh it’s nice, let’s grab chips on the beach for dinner…

So after-school to Mersea we go. My favourite spot, Two Sugars Cafe. Near the old huts, next to the park. There’s cheap ketchup, millions of Oyster shells and on a clear day you can see the concrete barges off Bradwell. The kids collect shells and sit and think the two same things every time; that I really like watching the wind turbines and how much I wish we owned a beach hut.

We get home too late and they’re filthy. I shout lots and regret the spontaneity until they’re in bed and I’ve caught up with myself.



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