Christmas is Open

Here it is. The first day of the Christmas school holidays. Christmas 2019 starts here and now. I’m not a huge Christmas person, I find it hard to really enjoy it all. Being a Mum and having my own business and a husband with a very demanding job and a very long commute all have me at peak operating mode. We have a ton of December birthdays in this family too, plus two in school which means there’s bazaars, shows, events, jumper days, fundraisers, homework, reading journals, friends birthday parties, teachers presents… Oh and did I mention we’ve had a round of chicken pox, colds and ear infections? My brain is full, the to-do lists are never ending, I miss things and so so feel guilty and from there everything gets quite fraught and emotionally charged.

BUT! It’s Day 1 of the holidays, I’ve killed myself to get the shopping, wrapping and editing finished in time for today. I’m determined to enjoy this time. It shouldn’t be impossible for me to find a little time where I stop multi tasking a thousand fold and focus on home, kids, husband, family… And if not at the time of year that should be all about these things then when?

So to all my Mumpreneurs, SAHMs, working Mums and general Christmas miracle workers this time of year… Hold on to your sanity. Sit back and enjoy. Don’t strive for an image of perfection that you think it should be. Let some things go wrong. Decide to enjoy the Christmas that’s yours and don’t spend a second wishing it was anything besides what it is. <3




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