November Nuptials with a Bang

Oh these guys. Pamela and Lee, the newly very official Mr and Mrs Proctor.

This is their November nuptials, bathed in Autumn sun, set in the ground of this beautiful Essex estate, family and love is the theme of the day and entry only available on presentation of a huge face ache inducing smile. The phrase “they’re good people” is reserved for this perfect pair and how they love their boys. I’ve celebrated many milestones with them since they first arrived on my door with a teeny tiny Vinnie in arms. Every time I do I am reminded what an adorable Dad Lee is and what a fiercely committed Mum Pamela is. So when Pamela messaged me to tell me they were getting hitched, whether they were aware or not, I knew I had to shoot this wedding. Be it officially or from the bushes, I was going to be there camera in hand. Thankfully they chose the official route and here they are…

Congratulations again and again family Proctor! 

Venue: Vaulty Manor



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