Harry Potter Hygge

There’s too much here that I love to not share these.

This is my current favourite part of the day. The final part of bedtime. Typically I do bedtime alone so ritual and routine are king. I have just zipped Orlee in to her sleeping bag and cuddled her to sleep on my bed whilst Bow snuggles next to me and does him nightly reading practice. He’s in reception so he’s very much learning. He’s tired too and it’s a slightly fraught affair. Juggling the two is as much as I can do so Euna is basically told to bugger off.

I get them down and then it’s her time. Big girl time.

I’m probably kidding myself when I tell people I don’t ask much of her. But I do. Grab me the wipes, get your own yoghurt, do Orlee’s shoes, I know you didn’t get it out but can you pick it up anyway… She’s a good kid. Solid gold. And this is her time. Depending on the day that’s gone she’s got anything from 10 to 50 minutes of me all to herself. Mostly she reads to me and breaks to chat to tell me things about her day. I’m lucky because (like me) she’s a sharer.

Right now we’re full swing in a Harry Potter obsessive phase. Her big present for Christmas was the Harry Potter Lego Great Hogwarts Hall. When asked Christmas Day night what her favourite part of the day was it was finding out from an online quiz she did with her Auntie that if she was a witch she would be in Huffle Puff. Here she’s in her Harry Potter pyjamas and she’s absolutely thrilled with herself to be half way through the first book. She’ll stop every few paragraphs about the Harry Potter game she’s been playing at lunch with her fellow Potter passionate pals.

And I lived this nighttime ritual tonight aware we won’t do this forever. Aware one day it’ll take so much more than imagining she is Hermione Grainger to make her this entirely happy. She’ll grow in to this complex life and I won’t be able to solve everything with another chapter like I can now. So here’s the pictures I’ll have when these times are all done…





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