Aboard Our Bed For Bedtimes

I took a similar set to these over a year ago and I loved them. I can’t say any real new inspiration hit me but I always loved those pictures and then when I got a new lens I wanted to test out in low light I thought why not update them only this time with little Orlee joining in!

Our bed the centre of the last half hour or hour of their day. After years of trying to work out a way to give them all one-to-one time I’ve concluded they’re all too nosey to let either of the other two get me alone for even a minute. So we pile on to our bed, in fresh pyjamas and attempt to take turns reading and listening. They don’t take turns well for the record. Euna can’t bear listening to Bow sounding out a single word without shouting it out. Orlee can’t leave the pages alone to any book. I can’t not be grumpy at this time of night and I am definitely guilty of checking Facebook whilst they read. What I am trying to convey is the reality is much less lovely than this. But I don’t mind the pictures making it look totally lovely because at least once a day I panic about the neighbours hear me screaming like a psychopath.

So with the sound assurance that I do indeed scream at the kids like a psychopath hopefully now you’ll forgive the smugness of these snaps…




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