Orange Topped Old Town, Dubrovnik

One the very wonderful things about being married with 3 pretty young children is that you can book your first abroad mini break in 7 years, arrive prepared with a who suitcase of new summery clothes that you are super excited to wear and feel good in, wake up on your first morning and it’s beyond freezing and close to torrential rain (here comes the wonderful thing)… And still and have a completely wonderful time, feel zero disappointment and laugh a lot! Because any holiday away from a 20 toilet trips an hour, a thousand snack deployments a day, to have every event littered with a billion negotiations… is so bloody well appreciated and enjoyed.

So here we are in Dubrovnik, appreciating every bottom-wiping-less moment! Rambling around under and over the glorious orange roofs of The Old Town, so surrounded floor to ceiling, wall to wall and street to street by an ancient time our heads are practically in a fantasy land. We ate incredible Bosnian food, drank some fantastic wine and beer and just generally felt giddy in that “parents gone rogue” childless freedom.

Of course it was wonderful to be home and hugged and needed again but before all that and once I’d partaken in the obligatory landing-in-a-foriegn-country-away-from-my-precious-babies freak out , there was this…

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