Last Day of School…

I cried so hard this day. All day. I am still struggling to process and articulate what exactly was hurting my heart so badly. But this day hurt so brutally. A train ran over my life this day and a thousand and one complacencies and blessings were realised. My children were denied their education and their friends. My business switched gear from ready and raring to go for a full on Spring season, busier and better in every way than ever to nothing but empathy emails and scheduling dilemmas. My family unit caught in this strange land where everything’s upside-down, Steve’s home more than he’s ever been, we’re ticking through jobs we’ve been meaning to get to for years, we’re playing games and baking and crafting, we’re running, walking and cycling, I can actually imagine that we have space in our lives for that dreamed of pooch, we’re mowing the lawn and overhauling the flower pots, everything looks lovely actually… Except it’s not. I know that not from anything I can see, smell or hear. I know that because of the things I read and watch on the news. And that’s the weirdest way to know anything this huge. What’s happening, what’s coming, what’s here but I am lucky enough, right here right now, to have no evidence of in my own personal experience.

But all that, not all of it I knew a the time of these frames, fell away. The sun shone, for what felt like the first time this year, the sprinkler was out, there was no reason to save their uniforms and they skipped, ran and danced through the water…

Goodbye school and hello homeschool Goodbye normality and sanity and hello to a new version of both. Goodbye personal space, freedom and the formalities of normal life, hello social distance and a new freedom, freedom from the formalities of normalities of normal life. Here we go in to whatever this is and will be…


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