Week 1 Lockdown…

This is the week I spent in two states of being. Sobbing, with no hope of zooming in on any clear specific reason why. Just wave after wave of the enormity and entirety of it. Or in a bizarre state of surrealness experiencing it, repeating over and over to people I saw on the school run, on the phone to clients, mates, family, “it’s just so weird isn’t it?!” Then hearing it back from them “I know! It’s like we’re in a film!”

For me the coming of it all was harder than anything I’ve experienced since. The news tracking Italy, then Spain, this is what’s to come. They were just where we are a few weeks ago, two weeks ago, a few days ago… An invisible it. Nothing to see or evidence what’s creeping across the continent. Then it’s already here. Just politicians and scientists on the TV with steep graphs preempting the doom.

Every day 5:00pm brought a new wave that changed life. Ten minutes before lockdown I told my husband “I’m not ready for the next bit”.

It all went away too fast. But also not fast enough. Once I knew roughly what life under Coronavirus would be; the kids would be off, business would be closing, we’d be shut indoors, I just wanted it here. Well here it is…

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