Week 4 Lockdown…

Week: 4
Offspring I started the week off with: 3
Offspring I finish the week off with: 3 and you can’t prove otherwise
Offspring conflicts refereed: Millions. I don’t even care who’s fault anything is anymore, they all behave like drunken cage fighters
Alcohol units consumed: I don’t want to talk about it, I will say I am drafting an apology note for refuse collectors this week
Banana bread loaves baked: 4
Banana bread loaves eaten: 4 (in 24 hours…)
Walks: A few, novelty has totally worn off for the kids though and they’d happily never see the light of day again
Donald Trump memes snorted at: SO many. Have you seen the imaginary accordion one?
Post Easter Chocolate Consumed: 3 large Lindt chocolate bunnies, bought bank holiday Monday so were bargains!
Packets of yeast purchased: Zero, anyone want to bring me some?
Home workouts completed: A couple. I miss the banter. I realise I only exercise to take the piss out of my mates.
FaceTime hours: Must be 15+. I’m almost used to it enough not to just stare at my face the whole time thinking “is THAT what I look like in LIFE?!”
Hoovering hours: Too many. Sometimes every day. It’s like all we do is sit around shedding skin and making filth. I’m so very fed up with cleaning and tidying.
New Films: “Harriet” and “Just Mercy” both watchable. Won’t change your life but good.
Netflix: Finished “Ozarks” very good.
TikTok hours: None, I’m still not that bored

Summary: My life mainly revolves around “cheat foods”, telly, housework, refereeing the kids fights, trying not to drink but then just drinking and being amazed at how short my childrens’ attention spans are. Basically I don’t sit down ever but I also don’t really do much.

Anyway! Here’s some snaps…



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