To Be Weds in Westley Heights

Love in these times. Is there anything else? We find ourselves in times of our lives on reduction. Reduced down to the things we need, fat trimmed from all the excesses of living such a multifaceted life. It all got simmered down in an instant to 3 main things food, healthcare and our loved ones. Some of those loved ones can’t be with us right now and we feel little parts of our hearts living outside of our homes and lives for the time being. And some of those loved ones are right here nesting down in to our newly minimalized lives with us.

Nesting down together are Marley and Jarrod. This lucky in love pair are an utterly delightful duo who’s big day I can not wait to photograph next year! Let’s all dream of next year and the love and laughs that are going to wash all this hurt and uncertainty clean away…

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