Past when we counted the weeks in lockdown…

We’re running low on a lot of things now; Patience, headspace, jobs we’ve been meaning to do and the feel good factor of finally getting it done. Lots of novelties eroded too. The novelty of walking, online workouts, Joe Wicks, writing on a blackboard, all the online educational “games”, FaceTime, Zoom, House Party, quiet roads, talking to my neighbours about how nice it is to talk to my neighbours… These things are still all nice but the shine’s gone a bit now hasn’t it?

Still we wait. A little more fragile than before. Some of the spark for the little joys we have in this time is faded. We sit in and look out and watch all the people drifting past in their own little bubbles isolation. But remind ourselves we are healthy, we have each other and this will end. I’m taking comfort in whatever silver linings I can, some sun, some silence, good books and a slower pace that was definitely overdue after years of adulthood-induced multi-tasking. It’s an itchy feeling though this pace. Slowing down is hard, I think because my brain is definitely behind my calendar and body in gear change, it swims around knocking the sides trying to find things to think and feel. When really all I need to do right now is still. Here we are in more of the stillness, in the moments when the camera is a good distraction…

Who even knows what week it is now?!






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