Freedom in the Frinton Sea Foam

The kitchen, the dining table, the garden, the lounge, the bedrooms, an occasional venture to the garage, the kitchen again, the lounge for good while because we can’t muster a lot of energy to continue the rotation. Then the bathroom, the dining table again and the lounge again.

We rotate these familiar surroundings. Surroundings we didn’t know could get more familiar. We sit in different seats, pause in different spaces of rooms, catch different angles through the windows and doorways. The same air goes around my body, the same noises pass through me, the same textures run under my hands and the same views spin in front on my eyes.

And then it’s different. Then it’s something else and we didn’t even know how much we needed to change. Here’s a bit of our sensation switch-up at Frinton seafront…




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