Selfie Layers

Here is my first ever attempt at a self portrait. I am told this processing is one of layers, that each exploit in self portraiture is to peel a layer from yourself and that each layer is difficult but worthwhile. The process is inexplicably hard. Judging your work with yourself as the subject is hard. Objectivity is impossible to anchor when your own image destabilises you so much. I can look at these two images now, so here they are shared. Uncharacteristically moody but this time has certainly had some moody spells as I feel it all through the chaos of Covid times. I don’t think I could put much of it in to words, so here’s some from a wonderful poet I adore which sums up how I feel as I start my self portraiture journey…

a whole universe
a whole universe
is what they expect us to be

but i am a single star
and i have a quiet light
and i shine only to those
who have come
to truly understand me.

Isra al Thibeh





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