At Home With Baby Max…

Newborn Lifestyle Photographer, Suffolk

If 2020 is the year we stayed home then I am thrilled to be capturing the cosy, contented loveliness of it in these homes blessed with brand new humans. There’s something so so precious about the feeling of a home where a newborn lives. The lull of a heavy tiredness that lays over everyone inside, against the quiet electric buzzing of love that sits under the radar ready to jump up in fits of joy or anxiety at any minute. These tiny crinkly, wiggling people that must’ve learnt nothing yet but you image they know everything for some weird reason.

Oh I love those homes with new babies. I love coming in and capturing them, I love hearing the stories and I love thinking back to when it was us. The quiet newborn baby days that never actually felt quiet because your head is turning at a million miles an hours because they just let anyone have a baby and then expect you not to break them! ARGH!

Here’s one of those houses in sunny Suffolk… One with a brand new human…

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Newborn Lifestyle Photographer, Suffolk

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