Cara & Co Crunching Those Lovely Autumn Leaves

Colchester Autumn Family Photoshoot

Abbey Fields, Colchester for this day of Autumn photoshoots… What a day! Round after round of familiar faces, funnily enough they were all either past clients or clients who are booked in for weddings that are coming up and home nice to see them all again! Some of these kids I haven’t seen since they were teeny tiny little newborns who are now charging around kicking tree trunks. Some of these adults I haven’t caught up with in years and it’s so lovely to chat and compare notes on whatever phase of family life we’re in. I love these crazy days, pepped up on caffeine and sugar, ready for the big smiles all round, the games, the running, the fast turn arounds and snap snap snap snap… Heading home after with an achey smiled-out face, camera strap marked shoulders, cameras full of memories and days of cosy editing discovering what magic we made to come. “Oh the tea I drink and the biscuits I’ll eat while I dig around in these beauties!” I think.

Well on this day the last rabble to rock up is my lovely friend Cara and her cohort of fabulous fellas. She’s always a style queen in the preschool drop off queue so I knew they’d look gorgeous. But what I didn’t know is that we would get the most glorious golden hour to see out the last of the day’s light. What a treat! So obviously I couldn’t resist sharing and so here’s my final 2020 Colchester autumn family photoshoot…

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Colchester Autumn Family Photoshoot

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