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Walberswick Family Photographer

A few years ago I received an email from a fellow family photographer and her name was Kika. She was after her own family portraits and I instantly panicked. The idea of another photographer, and a really bloody good one at that, being my client filled me with imposter syndrome and I nearly started to think about ways in which I was too busy or something to excuse my way out of it. But her email was so sweet natured, plus the jazzy name hooked me in (and I love a jazzy name) so I accepted.

And what was the result of that little act of yes saying? Well her and her family introduced me to their special place; Walberswick in Suffolk. The most charming little seaside village that you absolutely must go visit (with or without your favourite family photographer…) Her kids and fella were an absolute joy to photograph and she herself is an absolute treasure of a woman. A kindred spirit in her casual swearing, creative living and feminist hearted glorious self. She has a huge beautiful smile and hugs big.

3 years on, here we are, annually day tripping it to wonderful Walberswick for a real highlight of my summer. These are just a few highlights…

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Walberswick Family Photographer


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