Buzzy Bee Birthday

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The night after the morning she was born I went to bed. I gathered everything I knew I needed (third time Mums are like that, maybe some first time Mums are like that but personally it took two rounds to know what that long list of nighttime essentials was) pads of every variety, pain killers (those third time afterpains were as bad as everyone said), muslins, blankets, baby, arnica, litres of water, clothes and spare clothes, nappies, wipes, spare bed sheets… Like I wasn’t just nipping upstairs for the night, like I was hunkering down for some kind of national or global disaster. But third time Mums know the mini miracle of having just what you need right there at 3am.

I shuffle in to bed, slowly, sorely and then the fear grips me, the fear of how short this moment is and how special and important it is. How it’s already starting to end and all I want is to feel it through every bone and cell of my body, to etch it in to me so it’s a part of me and with me forever and always. I don’t have my camera but I have my phone I write down a little bit about how it feels…

“And like that she’s next to me.
A part of and apart from me.
This won’t last. This is the only day that you were born. I’ve been broken and completed today and I’m tired and full from it. I’ll close my eyes soon and give in to the exhaustion and then it won’t be the day you were born. Stop time please. Freeze everything for life to exist forever as these next hours will.”

Skip forward 4 years and that moment has never been further away but I am more grateful for than I could ever say.

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