Sunset on Snowy Fields

February Snow in Essex

Living under the lockdown feels a lot like one of those weighted blanket, sometimes soothing and secure being pressed in to the mattress like that. So cosy I genuinely worry about whenever I’ll have to crawl out from underneath it. Little slithers of outside world reality breeze through like unwelcome early morning wafts of cold air and I wonder how I’ll ever brave the cold out there. How did I ever endure the cold out? Of course it’s not cold out there, I’ve just sat too still in this cocoon and my blood’s not pumping like it should.

Other times, probably most of the times, the blankets feels heavy and oppressive and I can’t wait to rip it off and feel the lightness without it.

Just about the only thing that makes me feel like there is no wighted blanket at all is good light. Because good light to photographers is playtime. Playtime to me right now is a reminder of everything that gets muddied in this sedentary state of not really working. Playtime quiets all the little doubting voices that witter away in the background, sniping about how much more I could be doing, comparing and shaming myself in the quiet moments. Whilst I can’t be doing “my work” it becomes an odd little abstract thing in my head. Whilst I sit in with too much time to consider think about the world beyond the blanket my feelings about my work get reduced to Instagram Likes and grid consistency as markers for validation.

But not when good light rings a bell for playtime. Not then. Because the blanket disappears…

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February Snow in Essex

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