Baby Waiting…

Maternity Photographer Colchester, Essex

What a wonder it is to behold a woman at this phase of life. Making life. Transitioning her own life with the act. Those 9 steady months of waiting and counting. Checking off those milestones, the ones that happen deep inside unseen and the ones you can see and feel. Every step brings a chapter of new things and adjustment. Change and waiting. Waiting and change.

So what a moment it is to step aside from the logistical real life considerations of living through making people. To focus on the miracle of it, to celebrate and capture. When we wait for a baby there’s a lot of looking forward and thinking about a time when we’ll look back on the moment that’s here. What will my son or daughter ask me about carrying me when they are waiting for a baby? Does this heartburn really mean a thick head of hair? I can’t stop eating crisps, is that an omen to a life of savoury tastes? Photographing a family in transition or at a new stage is like that for me; thinking about what’ll be thought of the past when someone’s looking at these images in the future. What stories are we telling?

Baby girl in there, I hope these speak of a morning spent in reverence and joyful anticipation. A morning paused for celebrating and loving you before you even landed earth-side to us.

Congratulations to my darling friends, what an honour these were to take…

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Maternity Photographer Colchester, Essex

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