Nostalgic Nesting in with Baby Max

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I like to think that I live better if I always stay aware of the moments or times of my life that I will be most grateful for having really drank them in. Having children is a lot about that. If we weren’t told enough before having them that “it goes so fast” or warned “blink and you’ll miss it!” Then all we need to know just how fast it goes are those first few weeks with a newborn. Because that is when we so very quickly learn just how abruptly time speeds up when you have children. Don’t get me wrong, I know those bland homebound days “trapped” under a baby clinging to you through a growth spurt or teething or whatever feel so damn long. But it is very true that with a baby “the days are long but the years are short”.

So, when I think back to those short baby years, I think a lot about that first baby. Having my eldest was at once the most disruptive baby to land in our house, being the first of everything, but also, because of the absence of siblings, the easiest to take in. When a first baby comes home, I think we can all agree it goes fast, but it hasn’t hit the dizzying pace of warp-speed that bringing home younger sibling(s) does.

So nothing brings me greater baby nostalgia than walking in to the home where a pair of brand spanking new first time parents and their beloved baby are. That hushed quiet. The cards and flowers. Almost everything is new and waiting use. It’s just plain dreamy.

And here’s some of what that felt like in baby Max’s house…

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Braintree Newborn Lifestyle Photography

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