January 365 Round-Up

Project 365 January Round-Up… Fancy checking out some more of my own wee ones? To find out more about my commissioned photography work see my website! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Charlie Alexander and I’m a portrait photographer specialising in children, families, weddings and branding portraiture. I work all over Essex, Suffolk and […]

Project 365 Week 1

Project 365, week 1… Things I’ve learned in 2020 include how much I need to do two things in this life to keep my peace. These are create and be outside. I also learned, after years of guilt, second guessing, looking for validation and fear of failure that enjoying creating things is the only reason […]


Happy New Year… I don’t have a lot to say about the New Year. I’m creeping in quietly trying not the think too much about the enormity of it all. One gentle day at a time. Avoid 99% of the news. Read. Run. Don’t ask too many questions relating to any cosmic fairness or anything […]