Project 365 Week 1

Project 365, week 1… Things I’ve learned in 2020 include how much I need to do two things in this life to keep my peace. These are create and be outside. I also learned, after years of guilt, second guessing, looking for validation and fear of failure that enjoying creating things is the only reason […]


Happy New Year… I don’t have a lot to say about the New Year. I’m creeping in quietly trying not the think too much about the enormity of it all. One gentle day at a time. Avoid 99% of the news. Read. Run. Don’t ask too many questions relating to any cosmic fairness or anything […]

All the Bronzes and Blues of Frinton Sea Front

Family Photography Frinton, Essex There isn’t a thing I didn’t completely love about this session. These wild hearted girls thrilled to be out and enjoying the last of the just-about-warm-enough-without-a-coat weather of 2020. That rogue Frinton sea front roaring, chasing the tide to the steps. Playing games. Finding beach relics in the sand. Selecting what […]