Baby Zac

“When a child is born, its sense-organs are brought in contact with the outer world. The waves of sound, heat, and light beat upon its feeble body, its sensitive nerve fibres quiver, the muscles contract and relax in obedience: a gasp, a breath, and in this act a marvelous little engine, of inconceivable delicacy and […]

Baby Rosie

Oh little Rosie. Meeting my teeniest model to date was a real highlight of my 2018 shooting. This precious little peach arrived earth-side 11 weeks sooner than expected, she came to me still 2 weeks before her due date and at just 4lbs of perfection! Teeny tiny but showing the world you can be oh […]

Baby Thea

Another little miracle graces my studio, this time in the form of beautiful baby girl Thea. Here’s to celebrating the miracle of baby Thea today and everyday, welcome to the world wee one! “You have a gift that only you can give the world – that’s the whole reason you’re on the planet. Use your […]

Baby Imogen

Sometimes I can have a dark day when everything just seems to be going wrong and my mind shrinks to focus on all the little annoyances and troubles of the day to day. My kids are stroppy, a hard work day, an unkind word from someone… But then I see and think about these newborn […]

Baby Jaime

Meet baby Jaime. This is my little cousin Freya’s brand new baby girl and she is absolutely beautiful. I remember being twelve and rushed down to Devon when she was born. My Dad’s baby-sister had had a baby. Auntie Mel, the baby of the family, everyone’s baby. She had a baby. And now? Well that […]

Baby Eleanor

Welcome to the world beautiful little baby Eleanor! This beautiful little peach blessed my studio a few weeks ago and I still can’t get enough of the blossom wreath snaps, I mean… adorable newborn baby girl surrounded in plum tree blossom?! SQUEE!! I aim to try something new at every session to keep my craft […]

Baby Beatrice

Remember my rainbow bump shoot? Well here meet the baby behind the bump. Baby Beatrice. This beautiful little blonde bundle came to me at one week old and I couldn’t be more honoured to capture her. We went for my usual “all about baby” minimalist style with a splash of rainbow colour. She snoozed so […]