Baby Lucy

Natural, beautiful, timeless newborn baby photographer Essex… that’s me! I always like to think that taking time out of the crazy chaotic days of “newborn-hood” to be little bit about a window of worship. Parents come in to the studio, it’s morning and it’s quiet. They’re all sleepy and anything between a little and whole […]

Piste Off

Bonjour de montagne en France! Here we are, up at 1850-2800 feet, chugging vin chaud, tearing down piste, new camera in hand and just loving it. Fancy checking out some more travel posts? Check them out here! To find out more about my commissioned photography work see my website! Thanks for checking out my blog! […]

Baby Jaime

Meet baby Jaime. This is my little cousin Freya’s brand new baby girl and she is absolutely beautiful. I remember being twelve and rushed down to Devon when she was born. My Dad’s baby-sister had had a baby. Auntie Mel, the baby of the family, everyone’s baby. She had a baby. And now? Well that […]


Well 2017… You were everything I hoped and more. I’m a big New Years goal setter and on my list for my photography were two main goals; to recover from maternity leave and up my wedding game. I’ve had some woe begotten friends this year, socialising hasn’t been able to rank all that highly… But […]

Baby Arthur

Oh the smoothest porcelain skin. I totally adored this session, it’s such a pleasure and an honour to hang out with new parents when they are as absolutely devoted as these two were. Literally think I saw love hearts in their eyes whenever they talked about him. Completely precious new little family. And really, if anything’s […]

Orlee Bea

  I couldn’t bring myself out the bubble until now. Just stopping and breathing has been the only way to grab rare and singular slower moments amongst the Christmas chaos that quickly turned to new term chaos. Logging in felt like it would only accelerate time. And then I didn’t know what to say. Until […]