Baby Lucy

I always like to think that taking time out of the crazy chaotic days of “newborn-hood” to be little bit about a window of worship. Parents come in to the studio, it’s morning and it’s quiet. They’re all sleepy and anything between a little and whole lot dazed from the new baby rollercoaster. Amongst it […]

Baby Jaime

Meet baby Jaime. This is my little cousin Freya’s brand new baby girl and she is absolutely beautiful. I remember being twelve and rushed down to Devon when she was born. My Dad’s baby-sister had had a baby. Auntie Mel, the baby of the family, everyone’s baby. She had a baby. And now? Well that […]


Well 2017… You were everything I hoped and more. I’m a big New Years goal setter and on my list for my photography were two main goals; to recover from maternity leave and up my wedding game. I’ve had some woe begotten friends this year, socialising hasn’t been able to rank all that highly… But […]

Baby Arthur

Oh the smoothest porcelain skin. I totally adored this session, it’s such a pleasure and an honour to hang out with new parents when they are as absolutely devoted as these two were. Literally think I saw love hearts in their eyes whenever they talked about him. Completely precious new little family. And really, if anything’s […]