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Loving Lefkada

This is what our summer holiday 2019 looked like. Donuts, rubber rings, turquoise seas, boat trips, rocks, sunsets, gift shop shopping and brightly coloured umbrella bejewelled beaches. Lefkada left us in love with every inch of it…       To find out more about my commissioned photography work see my website!    

Baby Lucy

I always like to think that taking time out of the crazy chaotic days of “newborn-hood” to be little bit about a window of worship. Parents come in to the studio, it’s morning and it’s quiet. They’re all sleepy and anything between a little and whole lot dazed from the new baby rollercoaster. Amongst it […]

The Wonderful Wiggans Waltzing As Newly Weds

Here are Rebecca and David, they’ve shed the textural, rustic romance of their wintery engagement session at Tollesbury Marina and full swing on their special day of wedding wonderfulness. It was an exquisitely elegant Spring-time affair planned and executed with so much heartfelt attention to being purely about them. My favourite weddings are when you […]